Have animals looked after in Morgarten

Have you already booked your holiday and your pet can't come with you? Or don't you have time for your pet at the moment?
Then you've come to the right place at PetSitting Morgarten!


Animals I am willing to herd:

  • hamster
  • guinea pig
  • mice
  • Bunnies/Rabbits
  • cats
  • Depending on the dog up to 8 kg (before I herd a dog up to 8 kg I have to see it!)


  • Feeding of the animal/animals
  • Walk the dog (certain locations only)
  • Playing with the animal/entertaining the animal
  • Clean the animal's toilet
  • Grooming the animal (e.g. brushing or washing the animal)
  • Send a picture of the animal to you on E-Mail daily (a daily report without picture is free)

   For short periods (less than 24 hours):

  • CHF 2.50 per hour and service

   For long times (over 24 hours):

  • CHF 3.00 per day
  • plus CHF 1.50 per service per day

About me

I am 13 years old and have a dog and fish of my own. I go to high school and I'm in the 7th grade. I like animals very much and therefore want to work for the well-being of other animals. That's why I want to care for other animals when their owner can't care for them for a moment.


If I could and could, I would set up a small animal zoo in our garden. I was looking for solutions that would bring me into contact with animals. When I kept hearing people ask other people if they would look after their pets, it gave me the idea to start a pet sitting service.

My goal

With this project I want to promote animal welfare and get close to animals. I want to make the animals and owners happy. Thank you for your support!